Rumy Satta is an Indian card game that is commonly played among family members, friends and other acquaintances. The game can be played by two people or more than two people but the number of players must be uneven. It's a very popular game in India and can be played with any deck of Rummy Nabob  cards.

Rumy Satta Game|

Rumy Satta is a card game that is played with a set of cards. The player who can win the maximum amount of money will be declared as the winner. Players have to place their bet first before they proceed with playing the game. The dealer deals all the cards among players and places remainder of the deck face down. Each player takes his turn by picking up one card at a time from top to bottom and discards it in case he feels that it doesn't help him much in winning or losing amounts during betting rounds.

The Rummy game begins with all the hands of cards dealt. 

This is typically done by a dealer or by a mechanical device that deals the cards. The dealer will deal out the predetermined number of cards starting with the player to his/her left and moving clockwise until all players have the correct number of cards in their possession. The dealer then places the remainder of the deck, now known as the Stock in front of him face down. He draws a card off of the stock known as the Upcard and begins the discard pile next to it. As an example we'll assume that we are playing a three-handed game with all hands being dealt ten cards.

This is a game that is played in all over India

This is a game that is played in all over India. The rumy satta game can be played by 2 to 6 players, with one dealer and the rest of the players are known as punters. This card game uses a 52 card deck which contains four suits: spades, clubs, hearts and diamonds.

The first round starts by dealing out all cards face up to each player and then there will be no more rounds after this one. Now players need to bet on their hands according to their hand strength or they can fold if they think they don't have any chance of winning anymore. The player who bets maximum wins half of total amount wagered by all other players present at the table during betting process which includes himself too!


The rummy game is one that has been played in India for many years and continues to be a hit with people of all ages. This game is easy to learn and can be played with just about anyone who wants to join in on the fun!